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On Meetings

In my role as an educator (teacher, man. You’re a teacher) a surprisingly large amount of my time is taken up by meetings. I understand that sometimes a meeting is necessary to disseminate some edict from on high or to make sure that everything is as it should be. Some meetings, however, feel utterly unnecessary.Continue reading “On Meetings”



I was watching Taskmaster which, this year, features the Scottish comedian, Fern Brady. She recently, well as recent as the start of 2022, announced that she had Asperger’s Syndrome and was autistic. She has also made comments about the effect that masking her autism has had on her life, career and mental health. It wouldContinue reading “Masking”

On Grief

The death of Queen Elizabeth II last week has left me thinking about reactions to grief. Specifically, how a person with Autism may react to losing someone they loved. As the news broke on Thursday afternoon I was left feeling sad but nothing I could describe as grief. Afterall, I had never met the QueenContinue reading “On Grief”

On Sensory Matters

Apparently, one early indicator that a person may be living with autism is that, from an early age, they chew on their clothes or other inedible objects. This is something that I would do. I would chew on the string that tightens the hood on some hoodies. I would chew on the corner of someContinue reading “On Sensory Matters”

On Executive Functioning and Autism

Working in education means that a lot of what I do is based around the education of students more than actually educating them. This basically means a lot of time is spent doing the following: attending meetings about data, filling out countless spreadsheets to track attendance, progress, engagement, target and expected grades, intervention and marksContinue reading “On Executive Functioning and Autism”


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